Book Fair

The Book Fair takes place over three days (and evenings) and is much more than a place to buy books.  In addition to the hundreds of books for children and adults that are for sale, we also have many exciting activities going on at the same time.  We will have a Santa Photo booth, story-telling time, arts & crafts, Grandparent's Night and much more. To put on such a large event, we need the cooperation of the whole St. Luke's community. That's where you can help!  We have a lot of volunteer opportunities for anyone who would like to be involved. The volunteer committees include:

  • Decorations. Volunteers will help assemble and install the decorations for the book fair. All the work will be done before the book fair and will include regular work sessions in the weeks leading up to the book fair. No particular artistic ability required!
  • Book Selection. Volunteers will help select the books to be sold at the book fair.  Volunteers will need a few days in November to go to the distributor warehouse and help in the selection process.  You will also be needed the Monday before the book fair to help set up and display the books. 
  • Donation Books. Volunteers will help staff the Donation Book stall during book fair hours.
  • Cashiers.  Volunteers will work at the check-out tables, processing customer sales.
  • Children's Shopping.Volunteers will help on the Wednesday of book fair to help the PreK and K students shop at the book fair.
  • Food Sales.  Volunteers will work one of the evenings of the book fair helping to serve the food that is available for sale.
  • Santa Photo Booth. Volunteers will help where needed at the Santa Photo Booth.
  • Santa's Helpers. Volunteers will greet, direct and help shoppers as needed.
  • Santa Claus! This is your opportunity guys! The real Santa isn't available so we need some stand-ins. Time slots available during the day and evening.

Fund Jobs

Organize small fund raising projects; rebate information from Kroger and Randall's; collect and process Box Tops for Education; collect and process donations towards used electronics drive.


This committee helps the church librarian re-shelve books, incorporate new books into the system, and helps with miscellaneous jobs in the library.  In addition, this committee is responsible for processing the books received at the Book Fair.

Office Volunteers

Come and learn about the workings of the Day School's office while giving the office staff a helping hand! The administrative office needs help in general office work such as phone duty, reception, and copying.  Volunteers are needed on Wednesdays to answer the phone during the office staff meeting in addition to other days, as needed.

Parenting Center

This committee plans parent enrichment programs featuring speakers who will address parenting, child development, and other interesting subjects. Volunteers are needed to help with publicity and event set-up.

Pictures & Screening

Say C-H-E-E-S-E! Volunteers are needed to escort children to and from on-site photography sessions, check for clean faces, and help make the children smile and feel comfortable. Assistance is also required for photo distribution and reconciliation of payments.

Volunteers with the Screening committee escort the Day School children (Pre-K and Kindergarten) in small groups to and from on-site screening for speech/language and vision/hearing screening and overseeing the children while they wait to be tested. Volunteers are needed to those days in the mornings.

Teacher Appreciation

On behalf of all the parents, volunteers with the Teacher Appreciation Committee let the teachers know how special they are to us. Each month, volunteers provide food or funds for food and assist with the preparation and serving of lunches.

Book Bags

Book Bags are themed bags containing two or three books and several related objects, games, or activities. Pre-K students have the opportuity to check out these bags and bring them home to enjoy! The Book Bag Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the current book bags and making new ones as needed.  No sewing or craft skills necessary. 


Help the school historian document the school year! Scrap-booking and photography interest and/or skills are needed.

Spring Fundraiser/Picnic

Our annual Spring Fundraiser alternates between a gala for adults and a family event which includes dinner and fun activities for young children. Like the Book Fair, there are multiple volunteer opportunities available!

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