Parents play a crucial role at St. Luke's Day School. A variety of interesting activities allow parents to participate in their child's educational experience, expand their knowledge of early childhood practices, and make new friends.

Parent Communication

Parents play an important role at St. Luke's. Email updates, an annual school calendar, supplemental notes, and a monthly classroom calendar. 
The wee Spirit, are provided to keep parents informed. preschool_child.JPG
Additionally, the on-line calendar and news sections are offered as a resource for parents.


All infants, toddlers, and two year olds receive daily reports informing parents of nap times, food intake, diaper changes, daily activities, and developmental milestones.  Lesson plans and daily schedules are posted in every classroom. 

Parent Conferences

St. Luke's Day School offers parent conferences twice a year, in the Fall and again in the Spring.  In addition, parents are encouraged to make an appointment with the child's teacher or the school's Director or the Assistant Director any time there is a question, concern, or idea to share.

Parents in the Classroom

Parents of children enrolled in our program are welcome at the school at any time and are encouraged to participate in a variety of ways.  Parents are invited to share hobbies, careers, cultural celebrations, or other interests with children in the classrooms.  Parents whose schedules permit are encouraged to add their names to the substitute teacher list.  Many parents find this experience informative and rewarding.  There are several substitute teacher trainings scheduled during the year. 

Parent Evaluation of our Program

Twice each year, parents will be asked to fill out an evaluation form concerning the staff and program of St. Luke's Day School.  We urge that all parents return this form with comments.  Parental input is a valuable source for ensuring the continued quality of our school.


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