Frequently Asked Questions

What form of discipline do you use?


Behavior change is handled in a very positive way. We are committed to helping children learn to express and manage their feelings, cooperate with other children, and negotiate their own conflicts.When interventions are necessary, they will be clearly defined and consistently maintained. Children are not physically punished, threatened or intimidated. We rely instead on the techniques of diverting attention to constructive pursuits, compromising or arbitrating differences, and encouraging children to seek alternatives within the boundaries of their abilities. 

In some instances, in order to help a distressed child regain self-control, she will be removed from the situation and allowed a quiet time to herself before a reassuring adult seeks to help her re-enter the classroom activity. 

Can you expand on the Christian Education component of your school?

DSC_0515.jpgSt. Luke's Day School is a ministry of St. Luke's United Methodist Church and therefore Christian Education is seen as a natural and important part of the daily program. Children will pray before meals, sing songs to God, celebrate major holidays of the church year, and hear religious stories suitable for their age.   

Children enrolled in our Twos, Threes, Pre-K, and Kindergarten classes will participate in our weekly children's chapel services.  The children experience a brief worship service where they sing songs, hear a story from the Bible, and share a birthday blessing for all of the children celebrating birthdays during that week.  Parents are welcome to join us.

When does school start/end?


School starts right around Labor Day and ends the third week in May for the 9-month program. Luke's Place, the 12-month program, starts right around Labor Day and ends two school days before the start of the next school year. See the annual calendar for exact dates for the 

current school year.

How does the waiting list work?

As classes fill, the applicants are placed on the waiting list in the order the applications are processed. The waiting lists are kept through January. Applications must be renewed annually, as the waiting lists are not carried over from year to year. 

What is 'Motor Class'?



Motor "coaches" come to work with the children, 2 year olds all the way up to our Kindergarteners for weekly or bi-weekly sessions. The number of days children attend motor class depends on the number of days the children attend school. 

This is a physical education class for young children where activities are offered to enhance coordination and physical development. This time is also used to teach what healthy decisions are and how to better make them.



What about meals?

Parents are responsible for providing a morning snack and lunch each day. We provide lots of suggestions for healthy lunches in our Family Handbook.

Do the children go on field trips?

Because of changes in Texas seat belt laws, we are no longer able to transport young children on field trips.  Instead, we have created what we call Here Trips. DSC_0122.jpgVarious educators, entertainers, and presenters come to our school periodically throughout the school year to enrich and extend curriculum in our Threes, Pre-K, and Kindergarten programs. The wide variety of education Here Trips presenters have included puppeteers, singers, rodeo clowns, musicians, actors, scientists, dental hygienists, and story tellers. We also host an annual school-wide Transportation Day which finds our parking lot full of all sorts of vehicles such as fire trucks police cars, ambulances, race cars, roadsters, garbage trucks, and many more. We are visited, as well, by a sampling of cars from Houston's own Art Car Parade each spring.

How many children are enrolled in the school? 

Currently, the school serves approximately 430 children for full-time and part-time Pre-school/Kindergarten programs.

Do you have tours?

Tours/informational meetings are held weekly during our formal registration period, mid-January through mid-February, and last about an hour. The Director and Assistant Director explain the policies and philosophy of the school followed by a walking tour of the campus. Additional tours may be arranged throughout the school year by making an appointment with the Day School Registrar.  



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