Classroom Environment Initiative 

Our Vision and Inspiration


We are excited to share our new vision for classroom environments and hope you will join us in making our plans come to life! In June 2012, three of our SLDS administrators attended a World Forum Conference in Oakland, California called On Design for Children.

There we met with early educators, architects, college professors, curriculum developers, and others who had the intention of studying and sharing ideas about the best ways to set up learning environments for young children. We visited many campuses to see a variety of settings and interactions. The experience was amazing and we were inspired to come back home and get started refreshing our classrooms

Our Classrooms

We identified three values to guide our work:

  • Focus on Child-centeredness
  • Use of Natural Elements
  • Reduction of Visual Clutter

In 2013 we established three prototype rooms to experiment with our new ideas and theories. Please visit rooms B122, B123, and A208 to see what we've been up to. We also established new Book Nooks in every classroom. We've worked closely as a team of administrators, classroom teachers, and consultants to see what differences our changes could make before implementing dramatic changes school-wide.

Want to see more photos of our classrooms? Click Here!

Our Results So Far...


The results have been remarkable. Teachers all over the school are excited and embracing the values we've established. They are reporting differences from making simple changes. We've heard lots of adjectives describing the positive way the classroom environment is impacting social and emotional well-being! 

We hope to summarize our findings at the end of this prototype year. Here are a couple of outstanding things we've learned so far.

  • Leaving blank space on the walls instead of posting lots and lots of art, photos, etc. makes everyone feel calmer and happier. This has definitely lessened sensory overload and tension. Reducing clutter throughout the room is a never ending battle worth the effort!
  • Preschool doesn't have to look like elementary school. We've found that including homelike elements has offered our young children a natural way to bridge their familiar family life with the new adventure of early childhood education! 
  • Nature's color palette and texture is perfect - after all, God created it!!!

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